The Snowman (Activity Book)

James builds a snowman who comes to life and visits with him for one night.

Reader Enjoyment Factors:

A sturdy board book with flaps that withstand toddler wear and tear. A nice mix of things for the kids to discover and do (count toys, play hide-n-seek, pick colors, see what other families do)

Content Awareness Factors:

As an activity book, the story doesn't fully track with the original (in the original the snowman melts at the end; there is no ending in this one). The flaps can be too good and totally reset in the holder. Not always easy for the little one to pull.

Little Kid Reaction
S/He immediately loved the book, and despite repeated readings, loves to look under all the flaps, not just the ones with the answer.
Big Kid Reaction
The story is fairly simple. What makes it fun is engaging the little reader in finding things and watching their reaction when they do!
Type of Book:
The simple story is complemented by lots of 'flaps' that allows the reader to participate in the discovery and fun that James and the Snowman share.
Educational Themes:
An easy, interactive way to share learning about colors, numbers, toys, etc.
Reading Level:
Recommended Age To Read By Yourself:
6 to 8
Recommended Age To Read Together:
0 to 4
Age of child:
Started reading with child 13 months old.
Purchase Recommendation:
Buy. Pop-up books aren't generally found in the library. This would be a good one, though.

Title The Snowman
Author Raymond Briggs
Publisher Random House Children's Books, Penguin Randomhouse Company © 1998
ISBN 0679888969
Material Hard Cover
Genres Fantasy
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