Over 200 Years of Lawmaking, Deal-Breaking and Compromise


This book will be very helpful in teaching young people about the structure, history, and role of the U.S. Congress. There are lots of excellent illustrations, interesting stories and the activities (21 in all) that engage youngsters and further their understanding.


The US Congress for kids is well illustrated and has good content. Many (but not all) of the activities are enjoyable and make sense.


None, really. Some activities will appeal to kids more than others.

Young Reader Reaction

My friend used this as a resource in teaching her class about the function of Congress and why there is so much disdain for the Members of Congress today. The class found parts of the book and some of the activities interesting.

Adult Reader Reaction

I liked the balance of past and present material. Current Members of Congress are mentioned, so the book may be updated in the future to reflect the current composition of the Legislative Branch.

Type of Book:
Use this picture book with upper elementary and middle grade students to expand on U.S. history lessons.
Educational Themes:

There are several layers to this nonfiction book. First, it offers procedural and structural information about Congress, but it also describes how the "human factor" plays into the way Congress works.

Reading Level:
Recommended Age To Read By Yourself:
11 and Up
Recommended Age To Read Together:
10 and Up
Age of child:
Shared with a Sixth Grade Class.
Purchase Recommendation:
Buy. Excellent resource for educators and definitely for families home schooling their children. This is a book that is an excellent complement to governmental studies and can help with homework.

Title The US Congress for Kids
Author Ronald A. Reis
Publisher Chicago Review Press © 2014
ISBN 9781613749777
Material Hard Cover
Cost $16.95
Genres History - US, Civics
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