A what? Not just a babirusa, either. Meet a Civit, Jerboa, and Matamata, too.


We're off on an adventure to learn about exotic animals. A poem about each animal is complemented by a narrative that tells you more about the animal, a one-sentence fact, and a painting-like illustration. There are 13 animals from around the world and different living environments. 

Parent Perspective:
Once I separated the poem from the text this was a lot of fun to read. That doesn't mean the narrative wasn't good. It is - and it is very informative, but reading the book front to back, I found it distracting to try to read the fun rhymes and factual content side-by-side. If I was jumping around the book based on what picture struck my eye first, I would probably read the narrative first. 

Frankly, that's why I like the book. You can do different things with it and it will appeal to readers of different ages and with different interests. There is a list of 26 additional exotic animals in the back ... along with some other great ideas on ways to use the book.

Reader Enjoyment Factors:

Gorgeous, life-like illustrations and cute poems introduce kids to unique animals. Some they may recognize from the zoo, but this will be an introduction to some others. There are great information and creative ideas in the back to have even more fun with the book.

Content Awareness Factors:

You may need to read this book yourself before sharing with children. Read the factual narrative before reading the poems with young readers. The illustrations are amazing, but not designed to entertain a preschool/kindergarten/first grader while you go through three paragraphs of facts. 

Type of Book:
This picture book for upper-elementary readers introduces you to unique animals from around the world.
Educational Themes:

Grab a globe or map to show readers where these various animals live. You might also read this before going to the zoo. Take it with you to enjoy the short poems as you see the different animals. There is a list in the back with another 26 rare animals for even more fun. Pick a few, read a little about them (in other books), then try to write a poem like these.

Reading Level:
Recommended Age To Read By Yourself:
11 and Up
Recommended Age To Read Together:
7 to 12
Purchase Recommendation:
Borrow. The vignettes are interesting - as are the animals - but it isn't a book you're likely to keep forever.

Title There's a Babirusa in My Bathtub! Fact and Fancy about Curious Creatures
Author Maxine Rose Schur
Publisher Dawn Publications © 2008
Illustrators Michael S. Maydak
ISBN 9781584691181
Material Paperback
Cost $8.95
Genres Poetry, Animal (Nonfiction), Geography
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