This Is The Feast


Join the Pilgrims on the Mayflower to America. Become part of the journey, and experience what they did: when they got sick on the boat and later in America. Celebrate as they see land, build houses, and thank the Lord for providing the Indians as friends. The book ends after they have a three day feast to celebrate the friendship and bountiful harvest.

Reader Enjoyment Factors:

Everyone will enjoy the beautiful illustrations and well-written story that retells the history of the Pilgrims' arrival in the New World.

Content Awareness Factors:


Little Kid Reaction

My daughter picked this book out at the library. When she saw the front cover, she wanted to know what the feast was. She was happy when the Indians showed up and started to help them. She asked questions about their way of life that was depicted in the pictures. She enjoyed the text and the beautiful pictures.

Parent Reaction

I enjoyed the book. I am so familiar with the story, and liked that it was told in a new way. The text was well written and the illustrations were excellent. I was surprised my daughter liked it so much as it is just a story about a historical event!

Type of Book:
This is an illustrated poem about the first Thanksgiving.
Educational Themes:

This is an excellent resource for going "behind" the First Thanksgiving and broadening a child's understanding of history. There are also themes of fear, friendship, dealing with hardships, and teamwork.

Reading Level:
Recommended Age To Read By Yourself:
10 to 12
Recommended Age To Read Together:
4 to 8
Age of child:
Read with and by a 5-year-old girl.
Purchase Recommendation:
Buy. This is a wonderful book to share as a family tradition. Libraries (particularly school libraries) will find it an excellent part of their collection.

Title This is the Feast
Author Diane Z. Shore
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers © 2008
Illustrators Megan Lloyd
ISBN 9780066237947
Material Hard Cover
Genres Poetry, History, Holidays
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