Share a Story Day 2: The Gift of Reading

Did you make it through yesterday with dry eyes? Not me. Had goosebumps, too.  Lots of them. Yesterday was all about the power of a book, and bloggers offered some mighty powerful stories.

    • Donalyn Miller, Teri Lesesne, and Paul W. Hankins shared incredible, personal stories about how books have affected, defined, and transformed them and/or their students.
    • Carol Rasco, Kyle Zimmer, and Riley Carney shared stories from the front lines. In independently describing a child’s reaction to receiving a book of their own, they shared a universal truth: kids treasure books that they get to keep.

Today’s theme is the Gift of Literacy. There will be more personal stories and sharing ideas … which is really what this week is all about.  We had a couple folks ask us online and off about writing a post. We would LOVE to have your ideas and suggestions. Our goal with Share a Story is to celebrate and inspire across blogging “genres,” across generations, across … well, you get the picture.

For my part of Share a Story today, I am hosting a discussion about reading across cultures. In just a little bit, I’ll have a roundtable with Hannah Ehrlich of Lee and Low Books, and award-winning authors Tanita S. Davis and Mitali Perkins.  I hope you’ll join the conversation.

I also invite you to stop by the Literacy Toolbox, where Dawn Little has a wonderful lineup of guests talking about the literal gift of reading (i.e., books to give) and the intangibles of sharing a book. Over at Book Dads, Chris Singer and his guests – 30 of them!! – are sharing their stories as reading dads.

To get the individual lineups and titles, you’ll need to go to the daily roundup post over at Share a Story – Shape a Future, where you’ll also get todays’ Writing @ Reading prompts.