Share a Story Day 3: Just the Facts The Nonfiction Book Hook

UPDATED – We still have the words, YouTube no longer has the video

Did you catch the words in this video …

… I know you’ll have a ball
Just turn off the TV and read them all

drama and art all make you smart
with a book you’ll be so entertained

fill up my mind with nonfiction
let’s get the facts and
use them up
feed you brain
and then we’ll just keep on reading
This book’s gonna be a good book to read!

(song: I Gotta Feeling, with new lyrics 2010)

When we think of kids in reading, we often default to fantasy, adventure, mystery – action-packed stories that can wrap themselves around kids. But what we’re learning more recently is that nonfiction can have that same hook. We read lots of nonfiction, and I can tell you that it looks nothing like the junior textbooks I grew up with. Yes, there are some “dry” books to be sure, but we’ve explored nonfiction pop-ups and interactive stories, too. These are exciting times.

Today, Sarah Mulhern – the Language Arts teacher I wish I had – is hosting The Nonfiction Book Hook at The Reading Zone today. In addition to her own post about pairing nonfiction with fiction in the classroom and some reviews of a few science/nature books for use in middle school, she links you to great ideas by other nonfiction lovers.

Today’s Writing about Reading prompts ask you to think about some nonfiction, your favorite place to read, and books that turned your dormant reader(s) into rabid ones.

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