Share a Story Day 3: Literacy 2.0

Where to start?

First, I have to confess that I never even made it over to Twitter / Hootsuite yesterday … and I haven’t opened my reader this week. I’m afraid this is going to be one of those Go to Zero periods. My goal has been to visit each of our hosts and guests and be part of the conversation.

Which leads to the next confession: I know I am way behind in thanking everyone who has been tweeting and retweeting the Tour. So next week, if you see these little wayward tweets and #followfriday notes that come on Wednesday. That’s me saying thanks!

To you it may gratitude may be old fashioned … to me it is timeless. Just like literacy. We can’t think just in terms of paper and ink anymore, there are so many ways that we have to share ideas and communicate. Over at There’s a Book, Danielle Smith and her guests are covering the waterfront. They’ll answer questions like “when is it a toy and when is it an educational app?” or “how can I digitize my classroom on a phone-cord budget?”

Here, in the Tub we have a little bit of wizardry all our own! Katie Davis and her fans were chatting about this yesterday when it went live, but … well, you know where I was.  Besides, it fits so nicely as a real example of Literacy 2.0, I saved it for today. Drumroll, please …

I present to you my podcast interview with award-winning author and artist (can I say recording artist?) Katie Davis.

My thanks to Katie for giving me the opportunity to chat about books and reading, and for helping us spread the word about Share a Story – Shape a Future. Yep, you can never say thank you enough!

PS – Today is World Read Aloud Day. Don’t forget to grab a book and share it out loud. Make the most of it and get one that requires lots of voices or sounds!

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