Share a Story: Now It’s Time to Pick a Book

Did you ever have a teacher that opened doors inside you didn’t know existed? For me it was Miss Sauder, my seventh grade English teacher (back then it was English, not Language Arts). She transformed the way I looked at language and stories. I even changed careers.  I was going to be the first female conductor of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. In fifth period English, I discovered my destiny – an English major.

Why am I rambling about 1975? Because Sarah Mulhern is that kind of  fabulous teacher. When you read her blog, you get the chance to sit in a chair at the back of the room and catch a ray of enthusiasm – hers and her students.  She’s got a great day planned … Enjoy!

Day 2: Selecting Reading Material
hosted by Sarah Mulhern at The Reading Zone


Sarah”s Host Post: Selecting Reading Material

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Other Share a Story-Shape a Future News

# Eva has announced her Favorite Library Contest. Either send her an email with a pic of your favorite library, or leave a comment with the answer to “My favorite library is __ because ….” Eva is giving away books for the winners. You can see all of our book giveaways here.

# Jen Robinson has an open call for ideas on how to start a public information for read-aloud.  Stop by and join the discussion.