Share a Story-Shape a Future: The Curtain Call

bearbutton1When I first stuck a toe in the water to see if there would be an interest in creating a blog tour for literacy, I had no idea what to expect. I was hopeful, but never in my wildest dreams did I envision that a first-time event would shape up the way it did.  I’m still over the moon …

I am incredibly thankful all of the energy and enthusiasm across blogging communities that went into making Share a Story-Shape a Future a successful week.  There were bloggers from all corners of the kidlitosphere; corporate support from Stenhouse Publishers and Teacher Magazine; and book giveaways courtesy of Boni Ashburn, Fiona Bayrock, Aimee Buckner, Mary Lee Hahn, Donalyn Miller, and Eva Mitnick. There were lots of comments, with familiar folks and *new faces* sharing stories and ideas.  According to the survey,  everyone found at least one thing new and valuable. More importantly, some of you have already started using some of the ideas.

This was truly an ensemble effort.  I cannot thank our hosts – Sarah Mulhern, Susan Stephenson, Eva Mitnick, and Elizabeth Dulemba – AND THEIR GUESTS enough.  Together, we all chimed in with ideas for planning, organizing, and presenting this first-of-its-kind event.  It was very collegial, and the program was richer for the exchange.  The spontaneous, collaborative effort of Brimful Curiosities building on Elizabeth Dulemba’s art was just one example of how we all pitched in.   I am looking forward to meeting and thanking them in person this October. Until then, there are two people, though, that I want to recognize individually.

Jen Robinson – Although several of us had given some thought to a literacy blog tour, it was her Encouraging Reading-Aloud post that pushed us to solidify the idea and move forward.  Jen once again put on her Literacy Evangelist cape to help us spread the word about Share a Story-Shape a Future.  Thanks Jen.

sue_steph13Susan Stephenson – When I asked Susan if she’d be interested in helping, she jumped in with both feet, two hands, and a ton of ideas. Her artistic abilities really added polish to what we were trying to do, and the documents she created help separate Share a Story-Shape a Future from the usual event.

Share a Story-Shape a Future will be back. For the near term, the blog will remain our bulletin board and archive.  If/When we pull together the links and bloglists into a single spot, that’s where you’ll find it. When we’re ready to start thinking about themes and start planning our lineups, that’s where we’ll make the announcement. Between now and then, if you have any ideas, don’t hesitate to leave a comment there or send me an email [thereadingtub – at – gmail dot com].

In the meantime, keep reading. We look forward to sharing your stories and ideas in 2010.

Share a Story-Shape a Future Bear logo created by Elizabeth Dulemba.
Brimful Curiosities created the event button using Elizbeth’s artwork.
Child’s drawing for Share a Story-Shape a Future created by Susan Stephenson

3 responses to “Share a Story-Shape a Future: The Curtain Call

  1. Oh, Terry, it was an honor to play even a small part in this. What you, Susan, Sarah, Eva, and Elizabeth, and all of the other participating bloggers did (especially you, as the leader of the whole effort) was truly impressive. It’s been a joy to work towards increased children’s literacy with you.

  2. Jen’s right – it was an honour, and a pleasure too. I love the idea of considering how we can continue to “evangelize”, especially if I get to wear a cape!

  3. I look forward to the return of the Share a Story-Shape a Future. Thank you to all who posted interesting information for the readers of your blogs. Keep it up, someone out there is reading.

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