Share a Story: The Future of Reading (updated)

Oh, my. Friday is here already. As Carol Rasco said “I’m going to miss the tour next week.”  But I’ll let you in on a little secret: the tour is just the beginning. Now that we’re all excited and filled with new ideas, we can open the next book (pun intended).

We created Share a Story-Shape a Future as a medium for promoting reading not just for us  (we all love books), but as a way of reaching beyond ourselves to the people around us. As we’ve said from the beginning, this isn’t about *telling* people they need to read, it is about making ourselves available – as models, as mentors, as members of our community.

So it only seems appropriate that on Day 5, we look to the future. Over at, Elizabeth Dulemba has put together an incredible post – a primer really – about the evolution of reading, from storytellers to story gadgets. Over the next few days, she’ll be publishing full-length interviews with some of her guests, and we’ll link those as they come live on the Share a Story-Shape a Future blog.

Day 5: Technology and Reading – What the Future Holds

is hosted by Elizabeth O. Dulemba at

Elizabeth has pulled everything into one post today.  Here is SOME of the content (I don’t want to spoil her surprise).

Some other wrap-up-type news.

I will be back, probably tomorrow or Monday, with some final thoughts and thank yous.  It has been a marvelous week and I want to say a proper thanks to everyone.

We have uploaded our piece d’resistance: The Share a Story-Shape a Future Literacy Resource Kit. You can use it online, download it to your own site, or even print it. In it you’ll find the fully-credited collection of comments from Jen Robinson’s How Do We Encourage Reading Aloud? and other reading ideas, as well as a TON of links to literacy resources, children’s booklists and reviewers, and literacy organizations. We put together the kit before the tour began, so it does not have all of this week’s content. Stop by The Book Chook – Susan is the creative genius that made it sparkle.

Last but not least, we would appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to complete our short survey about the event.

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  1. Hi Terry,

    I just took the survey but wanted to make this comment – I did almost immediately use a nugget of wisdom from Share a Story – Shape a Future. On Thursday, March 12 I was training a group of volunteers in how to read aloud to kids, and I was able to throw “Love the pause” (I think this was from BookChook’s interview with Mem Fox) into my spiel. Yes!

  2. What a terrific post. As a teacher-librarian, I read aloud a fair bit, but there were some excellent reminders in these articles.

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