Share a Story: Today We’re Talking Read-Alouds

Sorry for the posting delay, I was off enjoying the posts du jour about reading aloud. Susan has packed Day Three with great content.  She’s got three posts herself! I’ll plug in the day’s agenda below, but I want to make sure you don’t miss these tidbits …

Suan is giving away two children’s books: Bubble Homes and Fish Farts by Fiona Bayrock here; and Hush, Little Dragon by Boni Ashburn here.

Over at BookDads, not only did Brian put together a comprehensive post, but he loaded it with great book ideas and lots of links for resources and reading lists.

Over at the Book Whisper, Donalyn Miller has opened her contest: “Submit your favorite read alouds; include testimonials and recommended ages; and enter to win the drawing for a copy of my new book, The Book Whisperer: Awakening the Inner Reader in Every Child published by Jossey-Bass and Education Week Press.”

picture-009Dr. Freud would probably have something to say, but I still have some of the bookmarks I made as a child: the macrame bookworms (6th grade); the leather book corner (4th grade?), and my all-time favorite: the ice cream cone (5th grade).  Bookmarks can be a fun way to engage kids with books – they can keep their reading list on them, they can create art to express themselves.  To get you started, we created a document with links to bookmarks you can download, instructions on how to make your own, and a collection of blank templates to get you started.

Be sure to stop by the Share a Story-Shape a Future blog, too. That’s where I’m going back to add links to posts that hosts add to their lists.

Day 3: Reading Aloud – It’s Fun, It’s Easy
hosted by Susan Stephenson at the Book Chook blog
Happy Reading!

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