Shopping: Make it Count!

In this space … and on The Reading Tub Tub® web site … I have talked about GoodSearch. I can’t say enough positive things about it. There is no simpler way to offer support than to go about your daily routine and AT THE SAME TIME have a lifelong impact on our kids and their future success.

Now, GoodSearch has launched GoodShop! What could be cooler? Sending some flowers to Mom? Shop at GoodSearch and the store donates a portion of the sale to the charity YOU designate. Doesn’t matter what you buy, you would be helping a child learn to read.

Visit GoodShop or click the link below. You will recognize the merchants: 1-800 Flowers, Target, BestBuy, PetSmart, and soon, even Amazon! Bookmark this link … You will definitely want it at the ready for the upcoming holidays!

Remember authors: if we don’t teach our kids to read, they won’t be paging through your book. Kids want to be successful. Reading is the key.