Some Unexpected (but FAB) PR

Today started out with a great little email from Starr Weems de Graffenreid, author and multicultural educator.  She had just posted How to Find the Perfect Children’s Books and Materials for Thematic Units and she wanted me to know that she “mentions the Reading Tub.” Mentions? We got two whole paragraphs!

Take a Soak in the Reading Tub

The Reading Tub … is an excellent resource for parents and teachers looking for quality materials. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting literacy. The Reading Tub has a unique system for reviewing books that ensures that you will find the perfect book every time.

Each book review contains a reaction by an older child and a reaction by a younger child. Notes are made about whether or not the book is frequently requested by children, suggested ages, comments on the book’s theme as well as suggestions on whether you should borrow or buy the book. Unlike other review sites, reviews on the Reading Tub give you an idea of how the children will really respond to the book, which is usually the most unpredictable factor in choosing materials for kids.

Wow! I am humbled. Little did I realize how much impact the Reading Tub had made. Starr and I connected a couple of years ago when she asked me to review Teaching Your Children Spanish through Play, but we had lost touch.  In the intervening time she has created, which is chock full of resources for anyone involved in linguistics education. It is definitely worth checking out.

Thanks Starr! You made my week.

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