Spring Break Update

Last week I was MIA for Spring Break. I got in a little reading, a little shopping, a girls’ lunch with Mom and Catherine, gardening … real life stuff.

I am glad to be back, though and am looking forward to diving in when I get back from tutoring this morning.

My big accomplishment last week (and it took me all week) was to get this blog cleaned up! I started with a Blogger blog back in May 2005. Transitioned to  LiveJournal … then WordPress.com … and now self-hosted WordPress. 656 posts later I had one big mess of tags and categories. Now, they are all nice and neat, with far fewer nuances and no more duplication and overlap! From now on its …

  • Categories: Big Ideas (like Special Event)
  • Tags: idea details (like National Poetry Month)

Best of all? No more “miscellaneous” catch-all. If it can’t be categorized in a system with 63 categories and/or 184 tags, then I obviously don’t need to be writing about it.

I cannot TELL you how much better this makes me feel. My own Blogiesta! Almost makes the inbox this morning tolerable. Almost.

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