Stay-at-Home School Idea: How-to Videos

Activity: Create How-To Videos

Have you or your kids ever searched online videos or sites like YouTube to learn about something? Teaching someone how to do something – especially if it comes naturally to you – isn’t as easy as it looks and sounds. BUT it is a fun activity that is sure to get your student excited in making their own video(s).

Odds are pretty good that your child or teen will have some ideas on what they want to teach or demonstrate. If it is helpful to their own learning, you might consider having them teach something they are learning (like how to do long division). The subject isn’t as important as the buy-in and follow-through.

  1. Pick a topic that requires explaining at least 3 steps.
  2. Gather all necessary supplies relevant to completing the project.
  3. Write a script for the video. [What’s needed, steps necessary, intro/ender]

If your child insists on working without a script, that’s Okay, too. After they film the video, have them give to someone to try to follow those directions. Was there information that they knew but didn’t explain? A step they needed to be clearer about? All of that is part of the learning – and fun!

Book Inspiration

Sometimes it helps to share a book or two built around a theme to create some motivation. We included some of our all-time faves at the end of this post.

Curriculum Fits

The examples in parentheses help convey how creating a video helps your child learn valuable, lifelong skills. They are not intended to be all-inclusive. 


  • Physical Education (movement, motor skills)
  • Social Skills (direct eye contact, cooperation, listening, teamwork)
  • Communication (explaining process, answering questions)
  • Language Arts (spelling, vocabulary, writing)
  • Math (calculating time)
  • Analytical skills (planning, logic)

Depending on what your child wants to teach, this project may also have science and art components.

Picture Book (Ages 3 to 8)

Chapter Book (Ages 10 and Up)


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