#TBT – When Mac Was Our Cow

literacy homeWhen my soon-to-be 17-year-old was in first grade, she had an amazing teacher.

Every Friday, Mrs. Craddock would give one student the responsibility of taking care of the class cow for the weekend. Mac was a literacy cow. The kids didn’t know that, and they always were eager to be Mac’s keeper.

When I found this old post the other day, I thought maybe we all need a cow … or a pig or a horse or some special creature whose heart is made of literacy things and imagination.

The key is that it isn’t an everyday thing or something the kids can ask to do. Maybe it’s a backpack only for family travel and adventures. Or maybe it’s a snowy day friend. And oh, what treasured memories you’ll have.

Yes, even as a junior in high school, my daughter is over the MOO-n about her year in first grade. “It was the best, Mom.”

We’re Having a Cow!

When my daughter came in after school today, she had a new friend.

A cow.
Named Mac.
He’ll be living with us until Tuesday.

Mac is a stuffed cow … and a clever disguise for a homework assignment. He comes in a backpack with a journal, a pencil, and some crayons. My cow-sitter is responsible for writing about her adventures with Mac in the class journal.

So far, Mac has met Casey (the dog), gotten dressed for the princess ball, and has taken a long bike ride to the park.

Cool! Mac exercises, too.

Happy Friday. See you Moo-nday.