Teachers Make a Difference

I didn’t want to interrupt the flow of the Literacy and Reading News Round-up, so I saved this personal aside for a separate post.

munschworks2Remember this article about Creemore Public School and the simultaneous read-aloud? Ten points if you clicked through and remember the book they read. Okay, it was Munschworks2 by Robert Munsch, the Honorary Chair of FamilyLiteracy Day.

Before I came up to work on the Round-up on Saturday, Catherine and I had read Countdown (by Avelyn Davidson). This is one of C’s two “homework books”: easy readers meant to give students a chance to practice reading aloud at  home. About halfway through the book, is this line …

Eight enormous emus running just for fun.

When she got to the word enormous Catherine stopped and closed the book to look at the cover. “Is this by Robert Munsch? Oh. No. Hmmm. He likes the word enormous.”

How she knows this, I don’t know … but I know she learned it at school. Thanks, Mrs. C.