Teens Writing for Teens – an Interview by Beverly Rowe

Last summer I had the honor of being a judge in the inaugural Books by Teens for Tweens chapter-book writing contest. In addition to receiving a publishing contract, the winner gets a $20,000 scholarship to Bethel College (Mishawaka, IN).

This winter, we had the opportunity to read the winning book: Journey to the Homeland by Hannah Stahlhut. The book is about to be released for sale. And yes, it is on our short-list of recommended books for middle-grade readers.

Beverly Rowe, who writes a Youth Column for MyShelf.com, recently had the opportunity to chat with Marvin Baker, whose Baker-Tritten Press and Tweener Ministries, created this opportunity to engage kids writing books their peers will enjoy.

Check out Ms. Rowe’s Babes to Teens column on MyShelf.com to learn about the contest and the possibilities for this year’s winners.