The Best Things Come in Pears (Part 2)

Bet you’re thinking Terry can’t spell ‘pairs,’ right? Well, that may be true – but not in this case.

Part 2 of our gift pairings idea is all about food! We went back into the archive to find some of our favorite gift “pearing” ideas for young foodies. Then we added in a few new ideas. Just remember: the most important ingredient is sharing the experience together.

There is a starter list of books with a foodie theme at the bottom of this post. Our goal is to provide ideas that suit multiple ages, can work as a “family gift,” and are easy on the budget, too.

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Home-Cooked Foodie Ideasboys in the kitchen

The heart of the home is the kitchen, and it is our favorite place for creating memories, and of course great food!

Here are a few ideas on ways to spice up your time in the kitchen!

  • foodie gift ideasFor the future chef (who can work the kitchen independently) mix in a menu chalkboard.
  • Plan a date to go a Farmer’s Market to buy some of the ingredients (think: not available in your local chain supermarket).

Ages: 4 and Up
Cost at (at the time of this post): $25 and up
book: $9.95 and up
Pairing ideas: $12.52 and up

Scroll to see our book list below or check out this list at which breaks down food books for kids by age.

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foodie book preteenTake-Out Foodie Ideas

The sky’s the limit with this gift “pearing” because it is all about the experience. It is a chance to share the experience of expanding your recipient’s culinary horizons.

Although the book might have a food-related theme, it doesn’t have to. You may select a book about set in a different part of the world as a way to introduce them to another culture.

The most common pairing is to put the book together with an experience that will come later. Visiting a local restaurant is always a good choice, but here are four other options:

  • Visit a local farm or nursery to learn about the origin of a food and how it grows.
  • Find a local company that gives tours (or will create a tour for you) about the product that it makes.
  • Sign up for a cooking class.
  • Include a world map or atlas with a packet of stickers.

food funny kidsSurprised by the map? It is a great way to help kids see other places in the world. Going out for Afghani food? Show them where Afghanistan is on the map – then add a sticker to the country to show you’ve “visited” there.

For food adventurers, kids who love to write, and/or future food critics, you might get a journal with a travel ($12) or food-y ($6) cover. This way they can write down their experience at different restaurants. Mix in a packet of star stickers so they can create their own rating system!

Ages: 8 and Up
Cost at (at the time of this post):
book: $7.99 and up
Pairing ideas: $2.49 and up
NOTE: Some tours may be free. Call your local vendor to see.

Favorite Books with Foodie Potential

(Reading Tub Reviews, Alphabetical Order)

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