The Book Bag, Bilingual Books (September/October 2008)

There are a number of bilingual books in the TBR pile. We haven’t received any bilingual books in the last two months, so there is nothing for our Reading Ahead post. Here are two of our favorites for this Book Bag.

I Wish I Was Tall Like Willie by Kathryn Heling and Deborah Hembrook, illustrated by Bonnie Adamson. Manuel admires Willie. he is tall, like a basketball player. Manuel uses stilts and even spikes his hair so he can be taller. But every time he tries something new, it always backfires. Then he learns Willie wants to be strong like him. This is one volume in a companion series about two boys, each of whom wants to be like their friend. “This is a wonderful series. Kids spend so much time comparing themselves to others, that this is a fun way to remind them that they are ‘perfect’ just the way they are. Reading in Spanish offers some terrific elementary-level words that kids will see in school.” (Raven Tree Press, 2008)

Dorothy and the Glasses by Ivona Brezinova, illustrated by Mentor Llapashtica. Everyone in Dorothy’s house wears glasses, even her stuffed animals. Dad says it helps them see things better. All Dorothy sees is that she doesn’t look like she fits in with her family. Why doesn’t she need to see things better, too? “Children will relate to Dorothy and her desire to find things that make her like everyone else in the family. This picture book helps kids see that being unique doesn’t mean being an outsider.” This book is available in a number of languages, including Albanian, Russian, Serbian, and Spanish. ( Reading Corner/International Step-by-Step Association, 2007) You can read this book online at Big Universe.

3 responses to “The Book Bag, Bilingual Books (September/October 2008)

  1. I have a bilingual book to send your way: We Are Girls Who Love to Run/Somos Chicas y A Nosotras Nos Encanta Correr.

    I tried to submit a form through your site, but kept getting an error. Please contact me through my blog to let me know when to send you the book!

  2. Bilingual books are great for kids, if you want some more books to add to your bag, has bunches and bunches of books for all ages.

  3. I agree. Bilingual books are great for kids. It is really fun to read with them and see them use what they have learned. We started out by reading a bilingual book called “Tim and Kim” by Kay Linda Nord. The author placed both english and spanish (mexican spanish) on the same page to follow along with. If interested, I found the book here:

    It is really great and has been a hit, so I am browsing for more tools. Thanks for the post.

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