The Book Bag, Books for ages 0 to 4, September/October 2007

This is a new book bag, starting this month. New subscribers have asked for books in this target audience, so from here on out, we will have a third Book Bag every two months! Normally the Book Bags comprise the short-list of our favorite reads in the previous two months.

For the new subscribers in this group, I would also like to include a link to a list of Favorite Books for Preschoolers. Cathy Puett Miller, the Literacy Ambassador created this list to help parents of our youngest readers-to-be get excited about the reading to come.

Animal Boogie by Debbie Harter Read and dance your way through this book that introduces kids to jungle animals, flora, and fauna in their natural habitats. (Barefoot Books, 2005)

The Coziest Bed in the World by Sheryl Kravitz. Anna wants to sleep in mommy and daddy’s bed “just one last time.” When she fell asleep that night, she set off to find the coziest bed in the world. As she traveled the earth, she met lots of animals who shared their perfect sleeping place. Which would she choose? This picture book story is for children struggling with sleeping in their own bed. (Little House Publications, 2006)

The Great Princess Contest
by Stephanie Walsh. Morning is here. Time for breakfast! Today we have cereal … with a princess tiara in the box! The magic tiara takes us to the Kingdom of Bannanz, where there is a princess contest. As it is finishing up, a fire-breathing dragon interrupts the contest. This is a personalized picture book where your child stars as a princess who handles a dragon with a temper tantrum. (Aardvark Adventure Stories, Inc., 2005)

A Halloween Story by Alberto Fernandez. Our young narrator (who is also the seven-year-old author) is climbing in to bed on Halloween night. What is that noise? a scary spider? a vampire? or not. At the end of the book you can name the characters and even create your own stories about them. Fun for pre-readers and kids working on their Level 1 sight words. (Maroma Books, 2007)

I Went to the Party in Kalamazoo by Ed Shankman. What are you doing ten years from today? Well, we are all going to a party, where we’ll meet amazing people (and animals), and anything can happen … as long as it’s fun. This rhyming picture book invites kids to participate in celebrating life. “This was fun to read … even a couple times in a row. It will remind you of reading a Dr. Seuss book, but it is unique, too.” (Two Kids Productions, LLC, 2007)