The Book Bag, Books for Ages 8 to 12, October 2005

Did you see the National Report Card? There’s some mixed for reading. Some scores are up, but others (namely for eighth graders) have dropped. No surprise, there; it’s much harder for books to compete with games and TV for this age group.

Did you know that in our Nation’s Capital 67% of students in the fourth grade fall BELOW BASIC reading levels? How sad is that. Click Here to see the Report Card and search for your state’s reading achievement levels.

Here is this month’s list of potential page-turners for that tough middle reader group. by Scott Collier. Angel 2nd Class Bartholomew Pennington sent an Email from Heaven that mistakenly arrived in the In-box of 10-year-old Jordan Mink. Bartholomew’s effort to fix the error failed when Jordan saw through his ploy. ultimately it allowed the two to become pen-pals. This is a middle-reader story that is a journal of Emails.

Dragons: In Search of the Real Komodo Dragons by Daniel White and Julie “Flossie” Truscott. With photos and illustrations, the authors provide information about the habitats, characteristics, mythology, and threats to the Komodo dragon species. “This book will definitely be entertaining and educational yet also influential to readers of absolutely all ages!” Star Team Reviewer, Be the Star You Are(tm).

Ring from Rairarubia
by W. Royce Adams. Book five in this series ends with a question with no answer. The technique is subtle but as soon as the reader turns to the first page, they are immediately engaged in a new adventure with Molly and her friends. “The author has successfully allowed the story to evolve with superb plots and writing.”

Sammy’s Day at the Fair by Jerome Tiller. Sammy starts his day at the fair as a hungry boy who craves a delicious corn dog that he remembers from last year. The author does a terrific job of describing how Sammy’s brain acts as the control center of all his actions, sending hormones to all parts of the digestive system and making him fell hungry. This event-based book describes the affect of what we eat and how our bodies process food.

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