The Bookbag, Books for Ages 4 to 8, May/June 2006

Welcome to summer … we’ve had a chance to read some great books with relaxing, fun-family themes. As always, books a presented in alphabetical order.

Dear Fish by Chris Gall. Peter Alan and his family enjoyed their day at the beach. Being the polite guest, he wrote a nice note to the fish and invited them to come to his home some time. Who knew fish knew how to read? “The story has lots of action (both in illustration and word choice) to keep readers attentive and/or interacting with the book.” (Little, Brown and Company, 2006)

Families are Forever by Deb Capone. Rain, a six-year-old girl, tells us how she came from China to live with her Mom and Bo, her blue hippo. “We liked this story. Because of our child’s questions, we were able to introduce a ‘second plot’ with our own adoption story.” (As Simple As That, LLC, 2003)

I’ll Do the Right Thing by Jean Alicia Elster. Joe Joe knows there is trouble at school, he just isn’t sure what. So he ducks into the library on the way home from school hoping to avoid it. Mrs. Morgan, the librarian, finds the perfect book for him: a bio about Ralph Bunche, winner of a Nobel Prize for Peace. When JoeJoe’s friend Tyrone asks him to join his gang The Defenders, Joe Joe must decide his path. “This is great story for blending contemporary issues with historical events and making it relevant for kids.” (Judson Press, 2003)

Lulu’s Rose Colored Glasses by Gretchan Pyne. Mom isn’t having much fun today. With lots to do, the world just blends into the background. When Lulu finds her rose-colored glasses, she encourages Mom to try them on … and is undeterred until she does. “Needless to say, we’ve read this book lots of times since it arrived. The story is a great daily reminder for parents about how we lose our sense of what’s important and why we had kids in the first place!” (Lulubelle Books, 2001)

Unique Monique Moki Time by Corinne Taylor Isaak. There is lots to do and lots to learn in Mokiville. Readers/listeners join Monique as she plays her way through the day. You can read along or listen along with the CD full of tunes included. “We loved this immediately. It was clear that the material would have great longevity with lots of fun things. After two years we all still enjoy the CD.” (Moki Time, LLC, 2002)

Winter’s First Snowflake by Cheri L. Hallwood. Winter is here and it’s time for snow. A young snowflake wonders out loud about the journey to earth. “We couldn’t turn the pages fast enough for our preschooler. This is a book we can all enjoy.” (Forever Young Publishers, 2006)

Yesterday We Had a Hurricane/Ayer Tuvimos Un Huracan by Dierdre McLaughlin Mercier. A young child tells us what happened yesterday when a hurricane came to town. “The story answers the questions a child would have about a hurricane and presents them in a positive way.” (Bumble Bee Publishing, 2006)

You Read to Me, I’ll Read To You: Very Short Mother Goose Tales to Read Together by Mary Ann Hoberman. This is no run-of-the-mill nursery rhyme book. Sharing this book you transform the rhymes into two-part scenes/skits. Readers have a chance to role-play some of Mother Goose’s friends and retell their stories. “The collection brings some nursery rhymes up to current times, and adds some surprising endings to them all. There is all-round utility, whether in a classroom or at home.” (Little, Brown and Company, 2006)