The Bookbag, Books for Ages 8 to 12, January/February 2007

There weren’t a lot of finished profiles that hit the threshold of making our short list this time. We have already had a couple for March that you’ll be seeing shortly. Still, there are some worthwhile reads.

Exploratopia by Pat Murphy, et al. This book is so great it is worth mentioning in both of our Bookbags. For curios pre-teens, there is no end to the hands-on opportunities to learn. (Little, Brown and Company, 2006)

Mia the Meek: The Mia Fullerton Series by Eileen Boggess. Mia Fullerton has reached high school. She’s set goals for herself, not the least of which is getting rid of her nickname “Mia, the meek.” Lucky for us, Mia is taking us along on her journey. “The author clearly understands the trials and tribulations that face adolescent girls. This is a wholesome and enjoyable read for adolescents and adults. This is a great read for adolescents and parents. ” (Bancroft Press, 2006)

Vampirates: Demons of the Ocean by Justin Somper. Grace and Conner Tempest, 14-year-old twins, have unexpectedly become orphans. No sooner had they taken the family boat to start a new life when disaster struck. A great storm capsizes their boat, leaving them to be rescued by pirates (Connor) and vampires (Grace). “Stories with vampires and pirates typically rely on blood and gore to attract and excite the reader. Not so with this story. It is entertaining and fast paced. The characters are believable and the vampires and pirates prove themselves to be empathetic and caring in regard to the twins.” (Little, Brown and Company, 2006)