The Bookbag, Books for ages 8 to 12, May/June 2007

Readers in this target audience are pretty mercurial. But even the toughest critics found books they love! Here is the current list of recently-read favorites.

Blood on the Wind; The Memoirs of Flying Horse Mollie, a Yampa Ute by Lucile Bogue. This is an historical fiction account of the Meeker Massacre of 1879 on lands in Northwest Colorado. Flying Horse Mollie, a young teen and Yampa Ute tells the story. This is what our Be the Star You Are! Teen Reviewer wrote: “The reader can really get caught up in Mollie’s story and hope her Ute way of life does not disappear. Mollie, shows herself to be a heroine in the story as she perseveres and does not let her spirit get defeated.” (Western Reflections Publishing Company, 2001)

The Fairy Chronicles: Dragonfly and the Web of Dreams by J. H. Sweet. Jennifer Summerset and her friends (all with fairy powers) were going to meet at Jennifer’s house. Finally, their mentors were going to teach them some fairy magic. What they thought would be a time to “practice” quickly became a real-life adventure. Someone was causing everyone to have bad dreams, and only fairies could solve the problem. (Jabberwocky, 2007)

The Portly Princess of Thynneland by Kathleen Marie Marsh. In Thynneland, everyone, including the royal family, must maintain their weight and fitness levels. Failure to do so, results in expulsion from the Kingdom. When Princess Volumina is banished, she discovered that her personal situation was only one of the situations she would face. Here’s what our teen reviewer thought: “This book offers many wise life lessons for readers both young and old. The story presents common present-day dilemmas families face and reveals healthy solutions for the characters and their kingdom. At the end of this book, you get a good, warm, fuzzy feeling.” (Goblin Fern Press, 2004)

Red Thunder: Secrets, Scoundrels and Spies at Yorktown by John P Hunter. Nate Chandler, a 14-year-old boy, lived on the family farm near the York River. In May 1781 the British launched a major campaign at Yorktown to end the six-year War for Independence. In the attack, Nate and his parents were left for dead, their cattle taken, and the farm burned to the ground. When Nate volunteers to help, he is paired with James, a former slave. They become an espionage team that provided valuable intelligence to General George Washington. (Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, 2007)

Tyler and his Solve-a-Matic Machine by Jennifer Bouani. Tyler Sogno, an orphan, wants to be a sea captain. He loved the water, just as his Dad had. To become a sea captain, though, would require hard work … and means to get his independence. One evening, while he was daydreaming about a “better” way to do his homework, Tyler was presented with an opportunity to make his dreams come true. (Bouje Publishing, 2006)

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Blinking Blunking Great Laughs: Little Wolf’s Book of Badness
(series) by Ian Whybrow. Full of snappy wit and hilariously scrawled illustrations, these clever and sweetly cheeky adventures crack us up not only as we read them but again and again as we toss about their hilarious expressions in our daily life. (Carolrhoda Books, 2001)