The Dog Days of Summer

August is just around the corner, and I’ve yet to discover that “quiet” part of the summer. Our collection of books to read continues to grow faster than we can send them to our family readers. In July we shipped out nearly 50 books! With school about to start in many places, there will be fewer opportunities for them to take on new material, so we’re going to use this space to advertise books available for review.

Publishers and authors have sent us some truly unique books and reading-related materials. The fastest growing part of the collection is a genre of educational books that are perfect for sharing as a family or in a home-schooling situation.

To participate in the Reading Tub Review Program you must agree (a) to read and/or use the book, as appropriate; (b) write a review of the materials within 45 days of receipt; and (c) return the materials to the Reading Tub. We pay for postage.

Here are some of the books available for review.

Want to Chow Down on History? Then ask us about The Food Journal of Lewis and Clark; Recipes for an Expedition by Mary Gunderson. As you read the journal entries, you’ll also have the opportunity to prepare foods that the Lewis and Clark Expedition would have eaten on their journey to the Pacific Ocean. (ages 8 and up)

Heading to Mars? Marcia Trimble’s Marsby and the Martian Detectives
is a collection of materials that allow kids to explore the story of NASA’s Mars Explortation Rovers in a dialogue form. The CD offers songs and a professional dramatic reading, giving kids an opportunity to study science and language arts by participating in the readings as actors. (ages 7 to 12)

What about Art? If you are interested in preparing your child for visiting a museum, or just want to introduce them to art, we have several books that might help. We have two titles in the Come Look with Me Series by Lickle Publishing: Discovering African American Art for Children and Discovering Women Artists for Children, as well as Nine Famous Artists Your Children Will Love by Michael Napoliello, Jr. (ages 5 and up)

To review these books or find out about other titles we might have in an subject you’re looking for, just send us an Email.