The key to keeping kids reading this summer?

literacy keyMake it fun. Honest and true, it is that simple. When kids see reading activities as fun, they are more likely to get engaged

The summer slide is real, and while reading books is the most obvious activity, it isn’t the only one that can help kids keep their skills sharp. With a little luck, they will even see reading as something fun.

5 Ways to Make Summer Reading Fun

Plan a picnic and head to the park.

… or anywhere, really. The idea is to read somewhere new and different. If you’re reading with younger kids, pick a place that you can enjoy playing when you’re done sharing books.

Pick something related to your vacation.

Are you going somewhere new this summer? Going back to a favorite spot? What better way to get the kids excited and interested than to read some books about that place or activity. Go old school and get out a (gasp!) map! Trace the route, look for things along the way, and make a list with some of the things you like or want to do.

Stream some audio.

It can be an audio book, a podcast, even music. Who doesn’t remember family road trips where we sang to the radio? We create a family playlist with songs that we like. Some were songs we grew up with, some are songs that remind us of other times and places – and they give us something to talk about. [Why we like it, what it means to us, etc.]

Create a fun, family word game you can play in less than 5 minutes every day.

Keep it simple and visible so it can’t be forgotten. The fridge is great for that! With younger kids, use magnets to post a letter of the day where each person has to think of 5 words that start with that letter. With older kids, you might have a word of the day that has to be used in a sentence. Yes, you have to play, too!

Make a summer journal and photo album / scrapbook.

Journaling is a great way to keep those literacy skills sharp. Artwork counts. Put your young reader in charge of putting together the Summer 2018 scrapbook. Let them add a sentence or a story to pictures they draw or photographs. Teens may prefer to shoot a little video – have them write a script to go with it.

Last but not least, let the kids pick their books. Within reason, obviously. Young Adult romance is not intended for a 10-year-old. But that “silly” comic or the book that is “too young” for them. It’s okay.

The key is they are still reading … and that’s the goal.

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