The #LiteracyTips Newsletter – Early June Edition

Earlier this week I sent out the Early June edition of #LiteracyTips, our bi-weekly newsletter. This is an abridged version. #LitTip newsletter subscribers also received Let’s Read, that included links to audiobook resources that were age specific, as well as recommendation lists for family-friendly audiobooks. To get the full-edition in your inbox, just check “Literacy Tips and News” in the I am Interested In … list. We’ll take care of the rest.

literacy debateSummer Slide

Did you know that during the summer months students of all ages can lose 25-30% of the reading and math skills they developed during the school year? Did you also know that the impact of that loss is cumulative? That means the gap grows every year. Sidebar: We’ve got links to information about Summer Slide (also known as Summer Setback) in this post. Thanks to Summer Reading Programs, parents and caregivers have an incredible partner in fighting the slide. Visit your local library to see what’s going on. In addition to storytimes, many also have maker events, reading challenges, and other activities for kids of all ages, not just toddlers and elementary students.

family literacySlay the Slide – #NoSummerSlide 2019

Reading books during the summer is valuable and important, no doubt about it. But there are also other ways to maintain or build on critical skills like vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking. Music, drawing, even cooking are ways to incorporate literacy into summer activities … without looking like its schoolwork! Be sure to look for our #NoSummerSlide hashtag here, and on Instagram and Twitter.

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In the first issue, we commemorated the “invention” of the banana split in anticipation of this weekend’s Banana Split Festival in Wilmington, Ohio. This weekend we will have some ideas on ways kids can show their love for Dad on Father’s Day. Here’s to a summer with fun, great memories, and maybe even new traditions!