The People Behind the Passion: Book Dads

Today is the first day of school here in Charlottesville, so it seemed like a perfect day to start something new here on the blog …

Welcome to The People Behind the Passion. In this periodic column,  you will meet people who promote reading and literacy … often on their own dime.  It is a way to celebrate their unique contributions to creating the next generation of readers, and gives you a little bit of insight into what sparked (or powers) their passion for promoting reading. Last but not least, we hope you’ll be inspired. Each feature will include ways you can get involved, either for yourself and your family and/or within your community.

brian_and_stevenWho are the Book Dads?book_dads

Brian and Steven

What sparked the passion? Book Dads grew out of their search for books to share with their son that emphasized fathers and the importance of fatherhood in children’s lives.

Who’s the audience? If you’re a father who cares about reading with your children – no matter how you’re parenting – then Book Dads is for you. This is a “site for fathers, or anyone who wants to read with their children and are looking for books with positive representations of fatherhood. Fathers of all kinds are welcome here, and we hope this site helps you find books to share with your children that are also appropriate for your family.”

You will find reviews of books for kids at all stages of reading and learning … all with a positive representation of fatherhood.

How Can I Help?

Personal – Book Dads is expanding its circle of reviewers … and you don’t have to be a parent or male to review. You just need to understand the primary mission to remind the rest of us and promote the ideas that (1) Dads read, too; and (2) we can celebrate fatherhood in books as much as we celebrate Mom, friendship, and grandparents!  Book Dads is looking for reviewers.

  • This is a pro bono opportunity to review books and be “published.”
  • Contributors can keep any review copy sent from a publisher or author for their own use or to do a giveaway.
  • Brian and Steven also have lists of books they’d like to review … in case you want something to get you started.
  • Book Dads will allow you to crosspost your review after the post at Book Dads.

Community – Not applicable.

Social Media & Contact Information

You can Email Brian or Steven via the Book Dads Contact Form. The links below connect you with Book Dads so you can keep up-to-date with their work.

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Note: All images used with permission of Book Dads.

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