The Reading Tub News Stand

kids newspapersThese past few months we have been doing a lot of behind the scenes work to improve the content we deliver to subscribers and readers. Our goal is to share reading tips and suggestions, recommendations and news in a variety of formats … and in “doses” that fit / balance your needs and time constraints.

Just as we believe literacy can be integrated into everyday activities, we want our news to do the same: it should feel like help, not something else for the to-do list.

Last year I revamped and started republishing The Wash Rag. This is a tailored monthly publication with new-to-you blurbs about literacy and reading events, links to the Roundups I do with Carol Rasco, Jen Robinson, and Susan Stephenson; and some seasonal book recommendations.

By “tailored” I mean that we create content based on the age group(s) that are of interest to you. There are a few core items (like the links to roundups), but the rest of the content is built around what you want. This is exclusive content you won’t see on the blogs, Facebook, or Twitter.  Click here to see what one of our monthly newsletters looks like (this one is from April 2011).

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working out the kinks in a new tool: an email that gives you a 3- to 5-sentence blurb from the week’s blog posts. The Weekly Washrag provides content from the Family Bookshelf and Share a Story Shape a Future blogs, though the latter blog is (usually) only busy in February and March. Subscribers will receive no more than three post summaries in an email that’s delivered on Saturday morning … perfect for relaxing with coffee, but not so much that it bogs down Monday morning, either.

It is easy to subscribe to either – or both – of these newsletters. There is a signup page with both forms on our website.  The newsletters are provided free of charge and we create them without any compensation. That said, we are asking you to consider a one-time, lifetime donation of $10 for your subscription(s).

100% of our income goes to literacy work. Everyone who works with the Reading Tub is a volunteer and we have no overhead because we use our personal computers and work from home. We use donations to get books to at-risk readers and kids who have no books at home and building tools that connect families with books that will grab their readers’ interests.

For your convenience, we have a Google Checkout cart on the website.

Thanks, as always, for your interest and support in the work of The Reading Tub … we look forward to sharing news and ideas in every possible way for years to come!

Note: Book cover images link to, with which the Reading Tub has an affiliate relationship. Purchases made through that link can provide income for our mission. The links are offered for convenience and should not be construed as a requirement or obligation.