Throwback Thursday – Reading Tub Style

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Throwback Thursday – affectionately known as TBT – is an Internet MEME that is most commonly associated with sharing an old photo of yourself via social media. TBT is most commonly associated with Instagram, but you can find it on just about any social sharing network.

The heart of Throwback Thursday is community. Those of us who blog about books are a community, right? So [I thought to myself] Why not start a Throwback Thursday for book reviews?

We read lots of books, and we’ve written tons of reviews … reviews of books that, over time, might be forgotten. A book we read and reviewed three years ago will always be new to some reader, somewhere. So why not share that review with a new audience?

Starting today and continuing every Thursday, we will host the Reading Tub #TBT Book Review. Each Thursday, I will pull a review from the archive and post it on the blog. Here are our participation guidelines

  • If you reviewed that same book, feel free to add your permalink to the original review on the Reading Tub website or in the InLinkz Linkup.
  • Want to (re)share a review you posted in May 2009, then add your permalink in the InLinkz Linkup. [No, it doesn’t have to be a book you liked; but it does have to be a review you’re proud of.]
  • Add any notes about the review in the comments, please.

The first book for our Throwback Thursday is …

redwoods by jason chinRedwoods

Written and illustrated by Jason Chin
Roaring Brook Press, 2009

A young boy finds a book about redwood trees sitting on the seat of the subway. He reads it on his way home and imagines himself at the places the book describes. After his adventures in the pages of the book, he leaves the book on a park bench for another child to pick up and read.

This is a picture book that illustrates just how much you can get into a book.

Reading Tub Review Date: May 2009