Thursday Blurb: Countdown to BookExpo America and Book Blogger Convention

BEA logo For reasons that have nothing to do with the Reading Tub or blogging, it has taken until this week for me to get my mind wrapped around BookExpo America (not that you ever really get your mind fully wrapped around it!).

That’s not to say I’m not super excited about going to BEA and the Book Blogger Convention, I am. I can’t wait to reconnect with friends in the Kidlitosphere, the book blogging community, and of course the city where I spent the “honeymoon years” of my marriage.

I am enjoying the posts on the Book Blogger Convention blog, but I can’t tell you what ARCs people are clamoring for (though I get hints in the #BEA11/#BookExpo stream I keep on Hootsuite). I have not mapped out a plan for getting autographs (one of my favorite parts) or walking the floor.  I can’t tell you who’s speaking at the Children’s Author Breakfast (which I am attending). I don’t have meetings with publishers or invites to special previews. And I am okay with that. Really.

Part of me wishes I had it all mapped out and visions of boxes of books to ship, but you know what? It’ll all fall into place. My TRULY, truly favorite part is the people. The natives, my blogger friends, and the new folks I’ll strike up a conversation with as we wait for our coffee or an autographed book.

MCA_Logo_Color_300@5_smIn case you didn’t know, I also where a “consultant” hat. The Reading Tub is my passion, but passion doesn’t pay for college.  For most of the event you’ll find me in the Mom’s Choice Awards Booth (2264-2265). Our booth is right across from the Autographing Area so I’ll see lots of you there, and you’ll see me

* Filming interviews with Mom’s Choice Awards winners on Tuesday and Wednesday;

* Assisting with in-booth autographing for our honorees all three days; and

* Celebrating Ziggy’s 40th anniversary at our party for creator Tom Wilson on Thursday.

And of course greeting visitors and answering questions, walking the floor, and hugging old friends!  Some place or another I do hope to run into you at BookExpo and I can’t wait to sit down and really chat on Friday at the Book Blogger’s Convention.

If you happen to snag an extra copy of a children’s book or YA title for a literacy organization you love, well, our readers-in-need would be eternally grateful.