Thursday Blurb: Reading is FUNdamental Features Us

Is that not just the sweetest picture?

Yesterday, I had the honor of being the guest blogger at Rasco from RIF, Carol Rasco’s Reading is FUNdamental blog. A couple of weeks ago Carol had asked me to write about the how/what/why of the Reading Tub, and it turned out to be more a story about my journey as a reader. But that pic … oh those RIF folks are so creative! Needless to say a certain soon-to-be-nine bookworm now thinks she’s “famous.”

If you haven’t visited Reading is Fundamental in a while, head on over. That same creative crew (I’m guessing) has added some spiff and lots of fun to the Web site. Of course I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Let’s Read as a Family section. Click on Kitchen and you get ideas for ways to read there; ditto the living room, bedroom, and in the neighborhood, too. Like all parts of the RIF Web site, the material is available in Spanish and English.

Thank you again Carol and crew for the opportunity to visit and share our story!