Thursday Blurb: This requires more than 140 characters

Dear blogging friends, followers, and subscribers,

Thank you for your patience and loyalty. For the past several days I have been clearing out the cobwebs of summer and am seeing just how much you’ve done to support the Reading Tub while I was away these past 60 days.

  • My heartfelt thanks to the authors and publishers who sent us books. They are now unwrapped and logged in our database. We hope to match them with reviewers soon.
  • I am VERY grateful for all of the mentions and new followers on Twitter. It took 4 hours (!) to read the emails that introduced you as a new follower or recognized your tweeting on our behalf. We are now following you in return. Although I appreciated all of the folks who wanted to help me make $3000 from home, I felt bad for those of you whose accounts had been hijacked.

I am glad that I took the summer “off,” though I missed you all. Having not checked any of my social media portals, I have read very few blog posts and clicked few links. The time away offered some valuable lessons and I am now ready to step back in, albeit on a much smaller scale. There is an enormous backlog of reviews to write, I have some ideas for posts, KidLitCon 2011 to prepare for, and a new-for-me project I’ll share with you soon.

It is wonderful to be part of such a great community and to know that you can step back or step back in at any time.

Warmest regards,


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