Thursday Blurb: Welcome to April

Today starts one of my favorite months … National Poetry Month. I am not much of a poet, but I so admire those who are. This is a month of literary feasting, and while I won’t be contributing something every day, I will do my best to participate here and there. So today I am presenting a Wordle with National Poetry Month and all of the other celebrations in April. Click it to make it larger. Wow! We are going to be busy. Luckily, there are some good go-togethers … like Children’s Book Day and National PB&J Day (both tomorrow); and Hairstyle Appreciation Day and National Honesty Day on April 30. I’m not touching that one!

ALA Celebrity READ campaignLest you think everything is all fun and games here in the Tub … I got an email from the American Library Association yesterday with a press release about the three new Celebrity READ posters. First look at the poster, and then read Celebrated Women Endorse Literacy. This is so cool on so many levels.

Last but not least, I have changed the “It’s All About the Book” Widget from Amazon to Indie Bound.  Here’s the description:

In this collection of children’s books you’ll find stories with kids love to read, kids hate to read, and kids who are afraid they can’t learn to read. Some of the stories are a book within a book, where a book takes the kids on an adventure – sometimes funny, sometimes mysterious, sometimes fantastic.

Some of the books are personal stories about how access to books and learning to read changed a person’s life. We think these are a great “book hook” for dormant and rabid readers alike.

My thanks to Mary Lee and Franki’s Master List of Books about Books and Reading at A Year of Reading … and their link to Wendy’s annotated list at Notes from the Windowsill. Can you believe in just a few short weeks we have a collection of more than 100 books with books “in” them.  I do love this community! If you would like the complete list, let me know. Right now it’s a spreadsheet. Next up … getting them onto a page here @ the Tub.

Dear FTC … We have an affiliate relationship with Indie Bound, and purchases through the links could bring income to our literacy mission.