Finding the Inspiration to Write in a #Pandemic

It’s been a bit quiet around here. Like many others, I’m struggling to find the spark that ignites some creativity. I’m still reading – and sharing – content on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, but writing? Not so much. My writing “meh” is most definitely related to being home 24/7, and I routinely find other things to divert my attention. 

It isn’t “Cabin Fever,” per se, because even with our Stay-at-Home order, I have more freedom of movement than I would in a snowstorm.

Thankfully, I can go outdoors, and I go out to play in the dirt nearly every day. What used to be a very steep hill full of weeds is being cleared out for yarrow, irises, daffodils, and hosta I’ve thinned form other gardens. 

And you know what else? I’ve dug up some writing inspiration! In addition to finally reviewing a collection of read-but-not-reviewed middle grade books, I am tackling a stack of picture books that I’ve been “meaning” to read and review for a long time now.

Last but not least, I’m going to create a series of posts to put some activity into the learning that parents are guiding from home.

No worksheets, no websites, no textbooks. These are ideas to spark imagination, inspiration, and creativity. Together.




2 responses to “Finding the Inspiration to Write in a #Pandemic

  1. Hi Jen,I am having writing, too—and I am a debut author, so even harder than normally hard!! I am a fairly newly retired educator, so using all of this technology (I did primarily PD, so have adjusted my goals to social platforms)….I literally taught myself how to use Facebook and am working on creating of a website so that I can blog like you do!! Join my FB Group: Parenting to Foster Language and Literacy—today I had a good organizational lesson, so some changes will be coming soon!!I love your last line of your post: no worksheets, no websites, no textbooks! Looking forward.

  2. I’m having trouble writing for my blog, too, Terry. I’m just about keeping up with my shared Twitter links, and I even have a couple of ideas for posts about how and what my daughter and I are reading now. But sitting down to write them? Not so much… I do look forward to whatever you are able to come up with. And I’m sure it will come back for me, too.

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