Tuesday Blurb: Books for Nashville and Children’s Literature Documentary

I am still trying to get into a summer groove, and my reader is at the bottom of my daily to-do list right now. These two events came to my attention through Email, so I apologize if you’ve seen them already.

Rebecca Brothers, who blogs at Reader with a capital “R” turned a passionate plea to send books to Nashville schools into a book drive.  A Dry Read: New Books for Nashville is an effort to place books we don’t want with people who desperately want or need them. The Pencil Foundation, a Nashville nonprofit that collects, stores, and then distributes books lost more than 2,000 books in the flood. In October, “The Pencil” will host a book fair in October, and if last year is any indication, they’ll give away 6,000 books in one day. Head over to Rebecca’s blog to learn more about how and what to donate.

The other item came from Greg Pincus, of Gotta Book and The Happy Accident via the Kidlitosphere Yahoo! Group. Head over to Library of the Early Mind, the production blog for a feature-length documentary film of the same name. In the first trailer, you’ll see interviews with Mo Willems, Lois Lowry, David Small, R.L. Stine, among others. Edward J. Delaney and Steven Withrow, director and co-producers, are set to release the documentary at Harvard University this fall. If the trailer is any indication, hoo-boy, is this gonna be good!

That’s it for today! Things here are blazing hot … a perfect afternoon for some lemonade and a book, or two, or three!

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