Tuesday Blurb: Children’s Book Week

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Aren’t these posters just the coolest? I love the tagline on the 1921 poster: MORE BOOKS IN THE HOME. Just shy of 90 years later and we’re STILL working on that goal. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad … maybe both.

One of the downsides of my hibernation is that I haven’t been as good as I should be about sharing event-worthy news. Children’s Book Week is one of those important things that is being celebrated online and off, and can never be talked about too much! So whether you are sharing children’s books or just modeling what a reading life is, I hope this is a memorable week!

While we’re talking about remarkable bookish things, I’d like to encourage you to move hurry over to MotherReader. Pam has announced the dates of the Fifth Annual 48Hour Book Challenge and is inviting folks to offer prizes.

I’d also encourage you to read Pam’s latest BACA post … I would have included the logo here, but it would clash with the Children’s Book Week posters. Sorry, gotta read MR’s post to get the pun.

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  2. What a fantastic site! It's great to see an organization so passionate about literacy for children, like we are at StorySnoops. It's inspiring to see someone else working hard to get every child reading. Best of luck to you!

    Shannon Knowlton,

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