Tuesday Blurb – Closing Out March

Happy Tuesday. Here in Central Virginia, March is going out just as noisy as when it arrived – windy and chilly. Good day to read a book (like I need an excuse!) Maybe it’s because we’re heading to spring break and I’m trying to get it “all” done this week, but I’ve collected some news of interest ….

The March Carnival of Children’s Literature is now available at The Miss Rumphius Effect.  Tricia has made it a true carnival (she’s even got a line from my favorite Oliver Twist song!)

Like the Mini Mizer Me? Thanks to Susan Stephenson for the writing with Avatars post and the link to Mini Mizer, where you can make a Lego(r) avatar of yourself. Bill spotted me working on this last night, and was “aghast” that I called it work.  But dear, this is literacy research … He said I need to change the hair.

Here’s something else to like: Anastasia Suen’s new blog Read to Me. Every Tuesday and Thursday she’ll post about baby, toddler, and preschool books. Think board books!

My thanks to Matt Ferraguto for his email about the ABC News story about Earl Phalen, the new CEO of Reach Out and Read. Phalen’s is a beautiful story on many levels, as a personal journey from abandonment to adoption and his “aha” moment in law school when he decided his life goal would be to help children. “I want to transform how children are educated … If you show a child that you care, you can absolutely change who they think they are and who they’ll become.”

Elizabeth Bird is now in the Top 10 of her Top 100 Children’s Novels … #10 was announced today: The Phantom Tollbooth. I loved this book … and it would seem to be a perfect candidate for reading by flashlight.  In her newest Tips for Growing Bookworms at Booklights this morning, Jen Robinson gave me a great idea for my Spring Break Survival Kit: some books, a flashlight, and a couple blankets. Oh, and throw away the clock! Why? Because kids love it when you let them stay up late, and the sensation of lights-out makes it fun. Get them hooked with “campfire reading” now, and who knows, they  may stay up late reading on their own.  What do you think of the idea … Jen would love your feedback on her post. [image credit: Flickr photo in the public gallery of 107666763081455739161]

If you are looking for a poll with more recent titles, the Assembly on Literature for Adolescents of the NCTE (National Council for Teachers of English) has put out a call for your favorite Young Adult books of the decade (1999 to 2009).  Learn more at Mitali’s Fire Escape, where you can also see her nominees for 1990 to 2000. The deadline is April 15, 2010 … tax day. Oh, the irony (for non US folks … it is tax day!)

Children’s Book Week celebrates children’s books and the love of reading. This year’s corresponding events will take place May 10-16, 2010. Voting opened March 15th for the books of the year. Have your kids pick their favorites from the finalists and vote! The categories include: Kindergarten to Second Grade, Third Grade to Fourth Grade, Fifth Grade to Sixth Grade and Teens. Voting ends on May 3rd. http://www.bookweekonline.com/voting (via Brimful Curiosities)

Abby of Abby(the)Librarian is hosting the  AudioSynced roundup for audiobooks. From her post: “Feel free to leave a comment to this post or send me an email at abbylibrarian @ gmail.com. Also, feel free to leave your post in the comments of Thursday’s roundup. Get the link to me by any means and I’ll include it!”

Speaking of Roundups, March got away form us, and we missed the window for our I Can Read carnival. We’ll pick back up in April, when Jennifer hosts at the Jean Little Library.

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  1. How could Bill not realize? Literacy research has so many guises! Actually, I think your Mini-mizer looks like a kind of Super Librarian, one who flies around rescuing readers in trouble. Hmm, I feel a picture book idea coming on!

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