Tuesday Blurb: Roundup Part 2 … Oh, Pooh! … and Women in History

By the time you see this, I’ll be sitting at the eye doctor waiting for the dialation to take … but just because I can’t read doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some news … and a couple opportunities to hit your “5” for the Comment Challenge.

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, Jen is hosting Part 2 of the first 2011 Roundup at Jen Robinson’s Book Page.   She has more literacy program news and (my favorite part) suggestions for growing bookworms.  [This is one of my favorite pics of our bookworm … and a perfect lead-in to the next item.]

Happy birthday, Pooh bear. Okay, technically it is A.A. Milne’s birthday. But can you really say “Milne” and not think “Pooh and company”? Susan Stephenson has a wonderful tribute, some memories, and a chance to test your knowledge in the Chookhouse. Head over to The Book Chook and enjoy!

This last one comes via the message board of the Kidlitosphere Yahoo Group. To celebrate Women’s History Month, bloggers from the Fourth Musketeer and Shelf-Employed, we have set up a new blog www.kidlitwhm.blogspot.com to create the Inaugural KidLit celebration of Women’s History Month!

“In 2011, we are fortunate to have many resources for our children to learn about women’s history, from fabulous biographical picture books about remarkable women to historical novels to compelling history books written to especially appeal to young people.  We hope this blog will help you identify some of these resources, learn about new books on women’s history, and enjoy reflections by some distinguished authors in the field.   We will be featuring a post each day in March by a different author in children’s literature or by a blogger who specializes in writing about children’s or young adult literature.” Very cool! Visit Kidlit Celebrates Women’s History Month to learn more about participating in the event.

On a similar note, we are kicking into high gear for the Third Annual Share a Story ~ Shape a Future blog tour for literacy. For five days in March we will be celebrating reading with kids. If you’d like to participate as a guest or host, just drop me a line!

Last but not least, Colleen Mondor (Chasing Ray) and Jackie Parker (Interactive Reader) are looking for your input. They have VOLUNTEERED to organize the Fifth Annual Kidlitosphere Conference (aka KidLitCon). To keep with the KidLitCon’s tradition of being part celebration, part training, part fanfest (in a kidlit blogger kind  of way), they need to know what’s important to us … so they have a survey asking us!  It doesn’t matter if you’ve been to a KidLitCon or not. If you blog about reading/books related to children, you have something to say (you say something on your blog, right?) , and you are remotely interested in going to Seattle this fall … take the 3 minutes and help these ladies out. Did I mention they are doing this out of the goodness of their hearts?

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  1. There are so many cool things going on! Thanks for keeping all these opportunities in my eye. I will have to make sure to take part in as many ways as I can manage. It helps a lot to have this type of roundup post!

    1. Hilde’s is a GREAT post … my favorite line was “you bet your library card.” I just recently found Storied Cities and LOVE it. So glad you stopped by!

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