Tuesday Blurb: We’re Going to Be on the Radio

On Thursday, this week, I am going to be a guest of Sharon Silver’s Internet radio program Getting to the Heart of the Matter.

Sharon is a Mom, educator, and entrepreneur. She is drawing on and re-mixing those experiences to connect moms and mom-entrepreneurs and talk about the reality of balancing parenting and owning your own business.  From Sharon:

Listeners really enjoy hearing who the woman behind the product is. They say they want to feel a connection before making a purchase and Getting to the Heart of the Matter allows this to happen.

Obviously, the Reading Tub doesn’t make a tangible product. Our trade is a public commodity – reading and literacy. So while we are a nonprofit, we are still a business.  In June 2010, we’ll celebrate seven years since my sister-in-law listened to me moan about picking children’s books and said “you ought to start a website.”

It’s been an interesting, incredibly fulfilling journey … but certainly not a smooth one. I hope you’ll listen in as Sharon and I talk about inspiration, passion, speed bumps, balance, and where do we go from here.

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