Tuesday Blurbs – 2 February 2010

Okay, I am S-O-O-O over the snow days. Here in Albemarle County, the kids went to school 1 Monday in January and 0 Mondays and in February. If we get the new 1 to 3″ of snow tonight they’ll be on a 3-day school-free streak, and if the next storm hits this weekend … oh, I don’t want to think about it.

These are the days when I wish that school systems used technology more effectively. Our school has “learning games” on the website that kids can play, but it would be nice to have some more substantive things for them to do. I know there are school systems that post their weekly plans online (complete with sample work) to keep kids engaged when weather comes to call.

As soon as I return to my other day job, I’ll have a post shortly about Katherine Paterson’s op-ed piece for the New York Daily News. In the meantime, here are some other items of note …

The Brown Bookshelf EventOne of my favorite things about February is 28 Days Later, a monthlong celebration of African American writers and illustrators, at The Brown Bookshelf. Have you seen the lineup? Awesome! I’m sure I’ll be adding books to my list of potential titles to read for the People of Color Reading Challenge.

Speaking of which … Mitali Perkins started and is updating her list of children’s and young adult books that “feature a protagonist of a different race than yours.” Head over to Mitali’s Fire Escape to check out the list.

We’ve seen the stories about how social networking is “ruining” our language (and spelling) abilities.  Even though there are lots of adults engaged in using these tools – including TXT-ng – the experts focus on the kids. Well, Ian MacCrae has a wonderful post at ModEnglish reminding us that we have been ruining English for eons.

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