Tuesday Blurbs

Day two of the Winter Blog Blast Tour is underway. It is killing me to have to wait to see Betsy Bird’s video interview with Dan Santat, but I can’t unmute my laptop right now. You know what they say about sleeping dogs and (sick) babies.

Speaking of Fuse #8 … Maureen has a wonderful commentary at Confessions of a Bibliovore on the recent hullabaloo that resulted from Betsy’s observations of Amazon’s VINE program.  At some point I had thought about writing my own thoughts, but Maureen nailed it. From the “mean reviews you find in the New York Times, or Kirkus, or any number of publications” to  “we try to step back just as the professionals do, and produce thoughtful, balanced reviews that aren’t knee-jerk first reactions.” Bravo!

There may be more later this morning, but now it’s time for coffee.

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    1. I was so taken aback by the visceral nastiness thrown at Betsy. You blew me away with that post … even-keeled, honest, and a great contribution to the conversation.

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