Tuesday Blurbs: Fairy Tales and Dreams Come True

Happy Tuesday, y’all! Welcome new readers from Children’s Books and Reviews!

We’ve been migrating to some better project management tools and I feel like I’ve been away forever. Here’s a quick snapshot with some “catch up” stuff.

Mrs. P. does it again!! MrsP.com has just released an interactive fairy tale collection Mrs. P’s Four Favorite Fairy Tales and Funny Stories. The stories are put together in a book form and kids can follow along with the words in a product/device they hold as Mrs. P. reads along online. Introductions to the stories are available on video at MrsP.com website and at the iTunes Store. In the course of reading about this new book, I also discovered that you can get one of Mrs. P Presents story collections for FREE at Audible.com and video versions at the kidthing.com store. “Reading is cool and so are you!” says Mrs. P. – Mrs. P, you are VERY cool.

Speaking of cool women … I have *known* Carol Rasco, President and CEO of Reading is Fundamental for nearly two years. Every chance we’ve had to actually meet in person, Carol has had to change her plans at the last minute. We’ve had this inside joke going that there is no “real” Carol Rasco, that the pictures are cardboard cut-outs and her staff writes all her blog posts at Rasco from RIF. Well, I am so thrilled say she is coming to Charlottesville this week and we’re going to meet in person.  I can’t wait to hear more about the Forge book tour/school author visits she did with Laurie Halse Anderson last week … and other stuff, too!

Last but not least, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to Aaron Mead for our interview. Aaron is the power behind Children’s Books and Reviews, and he has some of the best interview questions I’ve ever answered. Here’s his interview with me about the Reading Tub. He’s added lots of great links to my answers … including why there is still something to say about Harry Potter.

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