I don’t often remember my dreams, but this one stuck with me.

Somehow, some way, I didn’t realize that the word “literacy” was trademarked … none other than by Sesame Street. Gordon delivered the news.

Where did it come from? I guess it could have been Betsy Bird’s (A Fuse #8 Production) post about listening to the Street Gang talk about the history of Sesame Street at Lincoln Center last week. Or the full moon. Or both.

Thankfully, no red muppets were present! Then we WOULD have  something to talk about.

Happy Monday. Stay tuned for the Literacy News and Reading Round-up. It’s at Jen Robinson’s Book Page this week. I’ll post a link when it goes up.

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  1. I would surely be in trouble if I had to pay Sesame Street a royalty every time I use the word literacy, that’s for sure.

    I had multiple dreams where I was having some sort of stressful problem (like waiting for someone to deliver my luggage so that I wouldn’t miss my international flight). In both cases, I was just relieved to wake up. As I’m sure you were from yours.

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