We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming …

to share some of Mother Nature’s bounty beauty. It has been (mostly) lovely. If I knew how to add music, I’d add “There’s Got To Be a Morning After …”


Snowmaggedon 2

more snowmaggedon

Happy Sunday, all!

9 responses to “We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming …

  1. You fared pretty well!

    We got about 30 inches here and I can tell you the accompanying 30 hours without power did nothing to make that as beautiful as these pictures. I’m glad we’re on the other side of that particular storm for sure.


    1. Michelle, I was really worried about you guys “north” of us. We get Fox-DC news, so we were seeing what was happening in “our former life.” We had about 18″ of snow here, with some sleet/ice in the middle. We lost power Friday for about 8 hours, but it didn’t happen until night. Then we lost another 8 hours starting @ 10am Saturday. I love snow, but I am so over this. Happy, SUNNY Monday!

  2. Absolutely beautiful. I miss seeing it in person. However, I don’t miss the shoveling and being cooped up inside sometimes for days. I lived on a farm and there were times we were snowed in so bad and my dad would tie a rope from the post on the porch to different things out to the hog pen so we could feed and water them. Don’t miss chopping the ice so they could get fresh water. I will just admire your pics.

    1. Sandra … Thank goodness for snow throwers. We have one 8 families share, and it saved the day … plus added a nice social component. It is hard to stay mad at Mother Nature when it is this pretty, though.

  3. The pics are beautiful! Just hope you are warm, went to the grocery story, have power, and books to read.
    I live in an area of South Carolina that is usually 50 miles below any snow line!

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