Wednesday Blurb: I’m a Texas Sweetheart

News just in from deep in the heart of Texas … I am today’s Featured Sweetheart. What an honor to be in such great company as Jen Robinson, Mitali Perkins, Sally Kruger, and Kelly Holmes, to name a few recent honorees! [Links go to their Featured Sweetheart interview.]

The Texas Sweethearts is a collaborative website and blog run by three Austin, Texas authors of books for children and teens: Jessica Lee Anderson; P. J. Hoover (blog); and Jo Whittemore (blog). Through their regular Featured Sweetheart feature, Jessica, P.J., and Jo introduce us to people who are passionate AS readers and ABOUT books.

Now, you’ve got to remember that these gals are from Texas, so the questions are big and tough … like “If you could make a wish for kids and reading, what would it be?” Stop over to see my answer … and add your wishes, too!

Last but not least? How did I get to be a Featured Sweetheart? Because I participated in the conversation. As Greg Pincus (The Happy Accident) often reminds us, comments are part of the “conversation” that add depth to the solitary function of blogging. Taking the time to read a post and leave a thoughtful comment can be an introduction that leads to a dialogue … or in my case, an interview.

Thank you again, ladies!

10 responses to “Wednesday Blurb: I’m a Texas Sweetheart

  1. You know I love this story – it’s proof of happy accidents happening from joining the conversation. And this is happy for everyone – you get featured, they get to feature you, readers get to learn more. Win/win/win.

    And congrats on being a Sweetheart!


    1. Thanks Greg! Being part of the conversation is so much more fun than just lurking … I truly appreciate all the ideas and tips you share with us. They're practical and easy to do, yet create the opportunity for great results.

  2. Thanks for sharing your time with us, Terry! And being such a great advocate for literacy!

  3. Jo and PJ – The pleasure was all mine! I'm happy to help spread the word about books any time I can … and great authors doing fantastic things for kids!

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