Wednesday Blurb: Library-Loving Challenge

Boy do I feel like a dolt … a library loving one at that!

I happened to be going through my Google Alerts today and just discovered that on Monday, the Texas Sweethearts named the Reading Tub as the recipient of their Library Loving Blog Challenge. Wow! I am so honored and humbled!

There are lots of great blogs participating in the challenge, and Jennifer Hubbard has them all — with links — on her blog, WriterJenn. All you have to do is visit those blogs and leave comments. Bloggers are raising funds for the libraries in their communities.

I have been working my way through about a dozen book reviews and I haven’t checked the reader … or I probably would have seen it. Thank goodness for the Alert with my name in it … Thanks, Greg! you’ve saved me again. Well, everything but the embarrassment.

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