Wednesday Blurb: Living a Bookworm’s Life

I feel like I’ve been hiding under a rock, but I can’t tell you how good it feels to get a BUNCH of book reviews done … I think I’ve done a dozen in the last two days. Why? I have this crazy notion that I should get most (since it won’t be all) of my 2009 BookExpo America haul at least read before I head back to New York later this month!

But guess what I discovered when I logged in … I have 1,199 comments … and you could be number 1,200! Wow! This is turning out to be a great Wednesday! In other news …

Greg Mortenson Three Cups of TeaToday at Booklights, Gina has a Show and Tale post that is perfect for Teacher Appreciation Week. “Our friends the Supersisters had the wonderful idea of taking today, May 5, to thank some of the most important people in our community: teachers. As you go through the Supersisters’ ideas and make your own, try [Listen to the Wind by Greg Mortenson] to spark conversations about gratitude and giving thanks with the kids in your life.”

Since it’s Wednesday, I have the next installment of my Bookworm Basics column. This week the topic is how to read and encourage reading with kids who are constantly on the move.  We expect kids to move around while we read as toddlers, but what happens when it’s their turn to read and they can’t sit still? Head over to see some ideas.

Things will likely remain pretty quiet here until the mid-month roundup. I am getting ready for a jam-packed week in New York. I’ll be participating in a panel at Publisher’s University, sponsored by the Independent Book Publisher’s Association (IBPA) on Tuesday. Our topic is “The New Book Review: Citizen and Professional Reviewers — How Publishers Can Reach Both” (session 404 if you’re around). I’ll be on the floor Wednesday and Thursday, and then you can find me at the Book Blogger’s Convention on Friday, where I’m also on a panel.

Now can you see why I’m hiding?

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