Wednesday Blurb: The Comment Challenge Finish Line

Well, the 2011 Comment Challenge co-hosted by MotherReader (aka Pam Coughlan) and Lee Wind has come to an end.

Bad news first: I only made it to 88 comments. I think that is the closest I’ve gotten to 100 comments in 21 days (averages to 5/day).  I’d have to go back to previous years’ finish-line posts to figure it out.

Good news: I commented on 21 new-to-me blogs, including some that (a) weren’t part of the challenge; and (b) don’t have anything to do with books or literacy.

Bad news: My plan to thin my reader has been blown to smithereens.

Good news: I averaged visiting/commenting on one new blog a day AND I went beyond my comfort zone.

That IS worth a blog post, but it is not why I’m writing! You see, during the first full week of March (7 to 11 to be exact), Share a Story ~ Shape a Future 2011 comes to town. This is our third annual blog tour for literacy and it is shaping up to be pretty darned awesome (if I do say so myself).

Blogging authors, parents, teachers, librarians, passionistas … bunches of us in the kidlit blogging community … talking about and sharing ideas related to reading and literacy. Emphasis on the words SHARING and COMMUNITY. It’s another opportunity we have to come together and enjoy some conversation.  We hope that with your new commenting habit that you’ll be part of the fun.

That super-awesome graphic is courtesy of Lee Wind.  It has the headers of the 100+ bloggers who participated in this year’s challenge. Very cool. Thanks Lee and Pam for another inspiring year!

4 responses to “Wednesday Blurb: The Comment Challenge Finish Line

  1. Well, you did much better than I did! I didn’t even enter this year because I knew things would be too crazy with the book release. I managed a handful of comments this week, though–better than last week. I guess that’s something. 🙂

    And, I love that graphic Lee made!

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